Our infant room is divided into three rooms. Room I is for walking babies, Room II is for sitting and crawling babies, and Room lll is for the non- crawling newborn babies.

We believe in a “Start Early” philosophy for all children. Research shows that infants thrive in warm and responsive early care. This includes a loving touch in a stable, clean environment with quality care and constant interaction. We include singing, playing, reading, talking, and sensory skills as part of our program.

We provide a safe place for your child to practice crawling, use a walker or pull-up, and learn to walk on his or her own. We listen and respond to your child’s emerging language and provide an interesting environment with toys that help develop fine and large motor skills. We also offer sign language for the older babies and the program, “Your Baby Can Read,” designed by Dr. Richard Titler, Ph.D. This program is in English, Spanish, and Italian.

Tasks such as diapering, eating, and sleeping are handled in a relaxed and individual manner. We recreate the schedule your child is on at home.

Infant Care Peoria ILInfant Care Peoria IL