The Blue Room is set up in seven centers where the children learn through hands-on experiences. The centers help the children in specific areas of development, as well as organizational skills and respect for materials.Our centers include:

  • Discovery – Science toys like bugs, magnets, animals, measuring, organizing and magnifying glasses
  • Creative Learning – Small motor skills and problem solving
  • Book Nook – Language skills with books and flannel board
  • Art – Fine motor skills and creativity with crayons, markers, paper, stamp pads, scissors, and painting
  • Dramatic Play – Social and emotional development – sink, stove, dolls, costumes, play food, and dishes
  • Active Play – Large motor skills and problem solving with Legos, wooden blocks, cars, and trucks
  • Water Table – Promotes large motor skills and social development – we provide scoops, shovels, bowls, buckets, and a water wheel. The table will be filled with water, sand, dirt, ice cubes, snow, and cornmeal throughout the year

The Blue Room also reinforces the skills learned in Pre-K, but we realize the children have another year to master them. To see a list of these skills, please visit the Pre-K Room at our Child Care center.

Of course, everyone enjoys daily music and art classes. Welcome to the Blue Room!


Extra Clothing (labeled and in zip lock bag)
2 Bottles of 4 oz. Elmer’s glue
1 box 16 primary jumbo size crayons
1 box washable markers
2 boxes of Kleenex
1 plastic school box
1 pair of scissors

Please label all items!