The Green Room is designed to get your child ready for Pre-Kindergarten. In this room at our Child Care, they will be introduced to the pencil and the scissors. Your child will start learning these skills here, but will accomplish them in Pre-K. The learning centers in this room will improve socialization skills, sharing, large and small motor skills, and creative thinking. Phonemic awareness through songs, rhymes, and name recognition start in this room. We also start a community center in this room, covering all areas of our community, transportation, and families. Sign language , Spanish, Scholastic program, along with music classes are held daily.

Our centers include:

  • Discovery – Science toys like bugs, magnets, animals, measuring, organizing, and magnifying glasses
  • Creative Learning – Small motor skills and problem solving
  • Book Nook – Language skills with books and flannel board
  • Art – Fine motor skills and creativity with crayons, markers, paper, stamp pads, scissors, and painting
  • Dramatic Play – Social and emotional development – sink, stove, dolls, costumes, play food, and dishes
  • Active Play – Large motor skills and problem solving with Legos, wooden blocks, cars, and truck
  • Water Table – Promotes large motor skills and social development – we provide scoops, shovels, bowls, buckets, and a water wheel. The table will be filled with water, sand, dirt, ice cubes, snow, and cornmeal throughout the year

Welcome to the Green Room!