The Premier Preschool for Peoria IL Children

Preschool Peoria ILChildren learn through hands-on, sensory experiences and a great Preschool facility understands this. 1, 2, 3 You ‘N Me is the premier Preschool Peoria IL parents can trust. We offer great programs to help develop your child’s education and prepare for school. We know children at this age look at the world as a place filled with wondrous new things to see, hear, touch, taste, and smell. In our class room, we offer various hands-on learning opportunities to experience these senses. We also offer pick-up and drop off service, to make attending the right Preschool more convenient.

Our Philosophy

One of the core areas we focus on is self-esteem. Essential to learning, particularly to the development of those special intellectual qualities of originality and creativity, is your child’s self-esteem. A child must be confident, and with that ability he or she becomes more independent.

A never-ending search for the most ideal environment for your children exists as our highest priority, and those qualities are being achieved at our center. We uniquely provide both outdoor and indoor playing and learning areas.

A Partnership with You and Your Child

We want you and your child to be comfortable here. At 1, 2, 3, You ‘N Me, we encourage parents to participate in being a helper in the classroom. If your child is nervous about entering the classroom, parents are welcomed to come in and stay with the child if they need to. We want to give your child the best start in his or her education, and we strive to make learning a fun and enjoyable experience for them.

Staff Requirements and Involvement

Preschool Peoria ILAt 1, 2, 3 You ‘N Me, we are very selective in who we hire to care for our children. Our staff is handpicked for their love of children, educational background, and ability to understand and adhere to our center’s philosophy.

We ensure that we only hire the best child development professionals by making sure:

  • Each teacher enters with an Associate Degree, BA in Child Development, or BA in Elementary. They are required to have experience in this area as well.
  • Each staff member is on a 6-month probationary period. During this time they are being evaluated on their ability to follow the philosophy of our center and the policies on which our program is based.
  • Staff members are required to attend 15 hours of outside education per year to further their knowledge in early childhood development.

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As the premier Preschool Peoria IL parents can count on, we make sure our staff is trained, your children are well looked after, and that they enjoy coming to our Preschool every day. To schedule a tour or to learn more, contact us online or call (309) 692-3470.